Sunday, August 16, 2009

Makan-makan at Restoran Ikan Bakar Pantai Jeram

Being a food lover, I'd go miles to find good food around Malaysia. Eventhough it's at the farthest away, I will find the time and most importantly another "kaki" (other food lovers) - all because of a good food. Hehe! Thankfully I have a few kaki(s) around to accept the food challenge.

Last time we went to Bagan Lalang and the latest challenge was Jeram. The ambience was ok.. It rainy night was very dark and I didn't realize that the restaurant was next to an estuary. I could see small boats just beside our seats. Too bad couldn't take any pictures since it was pitch black. Don't think that my camera is high-tech enough and lately it has been acting weird. I can only take high-speed burst image and with a sad picture size of 2Mb. Anyway, better than nothing. :)

I mostly enjoyed the company of my 2 Indonesian colleagues (Memo and Herlia). They're staying at the Traders Hotel for a month! Lucky lucky ladies! :D Memo and Herlia have been lovely towards Zhafran. They're natural with babies. Thanks ladies for coming to Jeram with us. I hope we will have another trip together before both of you fly back to Indonesia! ;D

The restaurant is about 1 hour away from KL. The food was ok. It's a bit bland for my liking. Definitely D'Muara Lumut is the defending champion! Worth every hour spend on driving and every penny of it. I wish we could have a trip to D'Muara.

Here are the pictures. Mind the resolution of each frames. :P

Food: C
Freshness: B
Service: B
Price: B
Food Portion: B
Ambience: C
Overall: C+

Rating System:
A : Recommended
B : Worth A Visit
C : Average
D : Below Average
E : Waste Of "Hard-Earned" Money. Seriously, I'm Not Kidding!

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